Any work should be paid for. Our investors know it very well. And thatís why we offer the incomparable terms of payment. For every 1000 of recognitions you will receive a certain amount calculated according to system performance quality indices.

The current opening bid makes $0.6 for 1000 correctly recognized patterns. If to make simple calculations we will receive the following figures:
After two or three days of trainings a person learns to recognize about 900 patterns per hour what makes 0.63 dollars per hour. When working 8 hours a day you get 5.04 dollars a day what makes 100 dollars a month.

The price will then vary depending on the quality of teaching the system. That is the higher is the quality and speed of your visual patterns recognition the more you are paid for your work.

Daily payment with minimum level 1,5$. Referal program 10% from your workers.

Time of payout can last 48 hours.

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